Zero Waste Poncho


Let me set you free, so every moment can be yours to enjoy. I’ve got you covered.

Size: Fits S-XL (EU), One-Size
Material: 56% Recycled Cotton, 26% Recycled Wool, 18 % Virgin Wool
Production method: Zero Waste design
Pre Order available. Production time: 30 Business days
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How I was made

Though I’m crafted from freshly woven fabric, there’s no excess when it comes to cutting and sewing me. My creators call that zero waste design.

Our double-sided poncho is crafted following zero waste principles, ensuring that no textile is left unused or wasted during the production process.

By incorporating zero-waste design principles and utilizing materials like scraps, deadstock fabrics, and recycled yarns, we minimize waste and contribute to a more eco-friendly approach. These materials, sourced from Barker Textiles, are used to create unique Nareco apparel and home textiles. Each piece is available in limited quantities – act swiftly to make them yours.

What am I made of and how to take care of me

Material: 56% Recycled Cotton, 26% Recycled Wool, 18 % Virgin Wool
Crafted from a blend of natural wool and cotton, this poncho is designed for year-round wear. The blend guarantees optimal temperature control for comfort.

Design elements: cotton tape, loop on a back for hanging.
Poncho features wearable versatility on both sides, a stylish edge finishing with cotton tape, and a practical loop on the back for easy hanging.

Care instructions: Cold hand wash with wool detergent, lay flat to dry, avoid hanging and tumble drying, and store folded.

Care tip: To prolong the life of the garment, clean it with a damp cloth.

My size and model

Size fits: EU size S-XL
Model’s height: 180 cm
Measurements: 135cm x 80 cm
Total length: 80 cm
Length: Thigh-length
Shape: Flared
Silhouette: Relaxed fit
Weight: 1 kg

UNISEX PONCHO. Versatile and stylish one-size poncho, perfect for both men and women.

How will I get to you

Estimated production time for pre-orders – 10 business days. Will be shipped as soon as produced. Shipping time may vary:
2-7 BD for Standard Shipping and 1-3 BD for Express Shipping

Detailed shipping information please find here.